Programmers need expensive chairs

Steelcase Leap v2 chairs
source: Steelcase

Floss on your chair, programmer. And bankers too because shitty chairs hurt.

I’ve recently been spending time building iOS apps on my desk after work and reached nirvana — my Ikea chair sucks. Sitting on my chair for extended periods of time learning XCode made me realize my chair can cause pain in (#Drake) “all the spots that [I] ain’t even know was there.” In short, sitting on a cheap chair hurts. A lot.

Cue the Steelcase Leap. I believe in one-time buys, aka spending on shit that will last. I don’t always practice it (i.e. my 2003 Passat, Old Navy slippers, Nexus 7 — don’t ever buy that last one btw) but whenever possible, I do (i.e. Allen Edmonds, Miele vacuum). The back/ass pain the Ikea chair was giving me became unbearable so I decided to approach this buy with a long-term horizon and invest in a Steelcase Leap.

The Leap is the best-reviewed desk chair in the market. Steelcase has a fancier version with neck support but who needs neck support if you’ve got traps like mine? Some prefer the Herman Miller Aeron but I see the Aeron as the Avatar equivalent of chairs — overrated (I fell asleep after 15 minutes and woke up to see human-sized smurfs battling) and overpriced (3-D). Bankers and consultants probably swear by them but what do they know? #Enron

I was shocked to find this thing sells on Amazon for $919 on sale but Koreans never pay full price so I found a refurbished Leap on Craigslist for $140 that some guy found from an office closing. After texting my girlfriend the address of the meeting location and the seller’s van model/make in case he kidnaps me, I paid for the chair and brought it home.

I don’t want to review the chair — go Google its functionalities and reviews. I’ll just say the chair kicks more ass than 99′ Chan Ho Park and I can work as long as I need to on my chair with no back or ass pain. Go get one.


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